Professional surveys
in Monmouthshire & South Wales

Planning to purchase a property in Monmouthshire or South Wales? Rely on Davis & Sons Surveyors Ltd to provide you with Home Survey Reports to help you make that decision.

Do you need a Home Survey Report? (Level 2)?

As experienced chartered surveyors, we recommend Home Survey Reports (Level 2) on newer properties with a lesser chance of serious structural issues. The report is an overall assessment of the property, more detailed than a mortgage valuation but not as comprehensive as a full building survey. Our reports are easy to comprehend and equip you with all the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Call us today for more details.

A home survey report includes:

  • Market valuation of the property
  • Reinstatement valuation of the property
  • Drainage and insulation issues, if any
  • Major faults that may affect property value
  • Damp testing
  • Details of problems that require immediate attention
  • Background information on the property and location
  • Examination of timber, looking for dry rot and damage

Your local property surveyors

At Davis & Sons Surveyors Ltd, we employ a friendly approach that puts your needs first. We provide you with a detailed perspective of the property’s value that includes its condition and any potential pitfalls. We also offer building surveys and probate valuations for clients in and around Monmouthshire and South Wales.

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